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STAR WARSTM Identities : The Exhibition extended to October 14


Ottawa, August 27, 2013 – Due to overwhelming demand Star Wars™ fans will benefit from a month’s extension to visit the Star Wars™ Identities exhibition at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum (CASM) – the exhibition’s final showing in North America before it leaves for Europe. Originally scheduled to close on September 2nd at CASM, the exhibition’s dates have been extended until October 14, 2013 due to the exhibition’s strong popularity with visitors in the National Capital Region, thus allowing fans to dive into the fascinating universe created by George Lucas.

“It is the first time that CASM hosts such a blockbuster exhibition, and it has proven to be a successful experience. Faced with strong demand from a public that is clearly won over to the Star Wars universe and its characters’ strong identities, we have decided to extend the exhibition’s stay in Ottawa until October 14,” says Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation (CSTMC) Acting President and CEO Fernand Proulx.

Produced by X3 Productions and made possible by Lucasfilm Ltd., the exhibition is a sensational event that explores the amazing nature of human identity through the magic of the Star Wars™ universe and its legendary characters. The City of Ottawa and CASM are the third and last North American stop on the exhibition’s 12-city world tour before going off to Europe, Latin America, Asia and the Pacific region.

STAR WARS Identities

In addition to offering an impressive collection of some 200 objects from the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum, STAR WARS Identities is a highly interactive, character-driven adventure into the fascinating subject of human identity, based on the latest scientific research. As they travel through the Star Wars universe, visitors will rediscover their favorite characters in a whole new light. They will also develop a better understanding of their own complex identity. And through the magic of cutting-edge multimedia, they will be able to create their very own Star Wars character by combining elements of their own identity with those of their favourite fictional characters. They can later share these unique identities with friends and family via social media.

“Since Star Wars takes place in a fantasy world, the characters need to be identifiable so that the audience can connect to them. These larger-than-life characters come complete with friends, enemies, values, and beliefs. This exhibition examines how the Star Wars characters are like us, what we may have in common, and what makes up our individual identities.”      George Lucas, creator of Star Wars

A scientifically solidexhibition

STAR WARS Identitieshas divided its study of human identity into three major themes, each presented in a separate zone within the exhibition: the characters’ origins, the influences that shaped them, and the personal choices that altered their lives. Within these three themes, ten components of human identity are explored. These components include species, origins, parents, culture, mentors, friends, occupation, marking events, personality and values. Science-based video clips explain how each component influences our identity. The exhibition’s scientific content was developed with an advisory committee composed of experts from a variety of scientific fields including psychology, neuropsychology and genetics.

"We are honoured that Lucasfilm chose X3 Productions to create this unique Star Wars exhibition, and we’re proud to have been able to accomplish all the work with Canadian teams, showcasing the creative force of our people," adds Jacques-André Dupont, President of X3 Productions.

Information and box office

Tickets are on sale now, please reserve in advance. For complete schedule and box office information, visit  or call 1-855-897-6919.