Lucasfilm Ltd

Lucasfilm Ltd. is one of the world’s leading film and entertainment companies. Founded by George Lucas in 1971, it is a privately held, fully integrated entertainment company. In addition to motion picture and television production, the company’s global businesses include visual effects, sound, video games, licensing and online activity.

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X3 Productions

X3 Productions is a Montreal-based creative company who has extensive expertise to offer turnkey project solutions that reflect the challenges faced by museums around the world. X3 Productions is committed to redefining the modern museum experience by developing and promoting interactive blockbuster touring museum exhibitions. With a focus on creating innovative concepts, gathering unique collections and developing content-driven experiences, X3 aims to provide a new kind of museum experience, one that engages, educates and entertains visitors in innovative ways.

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Collaborator (Scientific content)

Montreal Science Centre

The Montreal Science Centre has attracted over seven million visitors, presented over 40 exhibitions, and screened more than 70 IMAXTELUS films since its inauguration in 2000. The first institution dedicated to scientific culture in Quebec, the Montreal Science Centre is recognized across the province for its major contributions to science and technology.

For STAR WARS™ Identities the Montreal Science Centre formed a team of specialists from a variety of scientific fields, including genetics, neuropsychology, health sciences, and psychology. The scientific committee’s knowledge and expertise was essential to the development of the exhibition’s scientific content and helped to ensure that the investigation into identity is rooted in up-to-date scientific research.

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